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Meet The Team



My Approach

I use an integrative approach in the therapies I offer, which is flexible and inclusive, taking into account that Individuals, couples, parents and are affected by their environment (language, family, school, community) and that every individual is unique.

The initial meeting is therefore the first step to building a bond and developing a therapy plan which is specifically tailored. Each therapy session with a child also includes regular meetings with the parents.


Couple Counseling

My interest in relationships and communication lead me to the world of couple counseling. All couples once had the wish for an intimate and loving relationship. However, many times, couples find themselves repeating the same frustrating miscommunications and arguments. My aim is to help the couple reestablish new ways of communication and to create a new bond. 

  • Communications problems within the relationship 

  • Couple counseling together with parental counseling

  • Couple counseling regarding immigration and life changes

  • Couple counseling with multicultural couples. 

Individual therapy

Life changes and crises

  • Relationships problems

  • Anxiety / Phobias 

  • Social anxiety and problems

  • Immigration, family life

Children and adolescents

  • Anxiety and fears in children

  • Phobias 

  • Behavioral problems

  • ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder)

  • Social and emotional difficulties 

  • Difficulties at school

  • Immigration and life changes 

  • Addiction and dealing with social networks and virtual communication


Working with parents is a very effective way of achieving change. Modern parents face many new (and old) challenges and I focus on helping them to adapt by using new approaches and tools. I am happy to work with parents in the following situations:

  • Difficulties in parental functioning 

  • Feelings of hopelessness or anxiety as a parent

  • Children behavioral problems 

  • Developing strategies to manage children and adolescents' consumption and relationship with new media and technology (mobile phones, screen addition, social networks, etc)

  • Dealing with major life changes (loss, divorce, immigration) 

  • Multicultural parenthood

Educational institutions (Schools + kindergartens)

I have vast experience working with different types of educational institutions (schools and kindergartens from different educational, social-economic, and religious approaches). I offer educators, workshops, and guidance regarding different issues – Identifying and helping children with learning difficulties, guidance for effective communication with parents, and dealing with changes.

  • Workshops and guidance for educational staff and institutes

    Guidance in crisis and dealing with major changes

  • Emotional and behavioral workshops for students

  • Counseling regarding the use of technology, social networks, and virtual communication



Emotionally focus Therapy (EFT) for couple therapy 

The EFT approach is aimed to help the couple understand and reflect on the "Negative Dance" of misunderstanding and frustrations. Doing so will give the couple a chance to create a new way of communication without falling into the patterns of fights or distancing. Creating a new "Dance" will allow the couple to discuss the real and deep issues that they wish to talk about without the frustration that they are familiar with from the past. 

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This evidence-based therapy plays a major role in modern psychology. It is especially effective with fears, phobias, anxieties, social problems, depression, and trauma. CBT focuses on creating immediate improvements in the patient's quality of life by setting goals and active missions. 
Over time, CBT helps an individual change negative thoughts patterns, and behaviors by providing the practical skills and strategies that can be used in the ongoing improvement of mental health.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness 

Recently I have begun to incorporate ACT and Mindfulness into the therapy I offer. ACT focuses on how an individual can deal effectively with distress or difficulty, in a way that the problem begins to have less influence and impact over the individual. The basic premise of ACT is learning to accept what is not within our control and commit to action that improves and enriches the individual’s life.

“New Authority” by Chaim Omer 

One of the approaches I use to work with parents is the “New Authority” approach, a world-famous method developed by the Israeli psychologist Chaim Omer (more information under resources).


Therapy format 

An individual counseling session usually takes place once a week and lasts 50 minutes. Changes in the therapy setting might occur according to individual needs. Sessions with children may include one or both parents.   

Workshops and special projects for educational institutes and groups are designed specifically for their needs.



Online Counselling   

I also offer online counseling for families and children who cannot access face-to-face therapy because of their living situation or as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In case of a need for online counseling, we will establish the format in our first online meeting.


Private Clinic 

I work as a private therapist. 

Since 12.2023 I have had in Germany the title of "Heilpraktiker für psychotherapist". The title means that some private health insurance will give a refund for the therapy. It is needed to check that individually with the health insurance. 

I am aware that private therapy includes costs that can influence the decision to use professional help. On my first interaction with a new patient, we will discuss the specific circumstances and the overall costs in order to suit the process to the abilities and expectations of the client. 



Approaching a professional for help regarding personal and private issues can be a stressful and emotional process. One might feel uncomfortable sharing their own distresses with a stranger. I understand that in order for you to feel comfortable, you need a safe place to talk about anything, so I take your privacy very seriously. As a certified Educational Psychologist, confidentiality is part of my professional code of ethics, so your information will not leave the room. ​




I am fluent in Hebrew and English, and I speak and understand basic German. I also have experience and a personal interest in working with parents and children from different cultures.

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